Paylaş | 03 July 2019

Ms. Saadet Yüksel, recently-appointed Turkish justice of the ECHR, has started her office

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saadet Yüksel to represent Turkey at the European Court of Human Rights has started her office following the oath-taking ceremony.

President of the Turkish Constitutional Court Mr. Zühtü Arslan, Justice Mr. Celal Mümtaz Akıncı as well as Secretary-General Mr. Murat Şen also participated in the oath-taking ceremony held at the Court’s building in Strasbourg.

At its meeting held in April, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe elected Ms. Yüksel as the new judge to the ECHR in respect of Turkey.

Meeting with the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Mr. Jangland

During his visits at Strasbourg, President Mr. Arslan also met with Mr. Thorbjørn Jangland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe.