Paylaş | 29 July 2021

President of the Turkish Constitutional Court Mr. Zühtü Arslan hosted the Chief Justice of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice of Venezuela Mr. Maikel Moreno and the accompanying delegation at his office.

Pointing to the ever-increasing improvement of relations between Turkey and Venezuela, President Arslan emphasised that the ties between these two countries had been progressively reinforced, albeit the geographical distance therebetween. In this sense, President Arslan expressed his wish for the enhanced collaboration also between the state institutions and counterparts of the countries.

During the meeting held in good faith and in pursuit of collaboration, Mr. Arslan noted that both countries had undergone hard days due to coup attempts staged in the countries and gave support to each other during these days so as to preserve and maintain the constitutional democratic order. 

Following the exchange of information on the structures and working procedures of the higher judicial bodies at the countries, President Arslan stated that it would be highly beneficial and fruitful to promote training activities to ensure the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience among judges.